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Books Are The Treasures Of The Written Word

In this high tech advanced world that we live in now, it appears many may have forgotten books, or at least lost touch with them for entertainment. We have television with multitudes of channels and devices that allow you to record programs and view them whenever you want so you can
basically have an unlimited supply of entertainment to view.

In a generation where virtually every household has a computer with an internet connection, we can email, visit chat rooms and more. There are chat rooms and websites on every topic you can think of. So where does that leave books in our lives?

What role do books play in your everyday life? Are they dust-collectors on a library shelf? Do you pull them down when you need to look for something or to find the definition of unfamiliar text?

Unfortunately, books may have become less popular over
the years. We now have magazines and newspapers to read so
some people still get their daily reading. But many people don~t
read much more than that or the TV Guide.

Books come in many different forms. We have paperback
and hardcover and we have fiction and nonfiction. Some books
are meant to be reference materials. Some books are meant to
tell a story. When a person writes the story of their own
life it is called an autobiography. A book written about
someone else's life is a biography.

Books are written about famous places in the world- and not
so famous places in the world. There are books about
presidents and governors and everyday people. There are
books about diseases and conditions and even self help
books teaching you how to lose weight, build self-esteem, recover
from loss and many more topics. Virtually anything you can
think of can be found in a book.

Then we have the world of fiction. Fiction books are made
up, make-believe, tales, stories from the mind of the
writer. Some fiction books are pretty far-fetched. Some
books are based on some fact. Some are so close to the
truth with just a few details enhanced or exaggerated to
make it more interesting.

With the rise of technology, book expenses have risen also.
Unfortunately, this only damages reading more. There are
several options for those wanting to have their enjoyment
of books. One format is electronic, or e-books. E-books can
be purchased online and downloaded instantly like a
computer program. They can then be read right on the computer
screen.  Another option is book trade-outs and used book stores.
Even national airports are becoming involved in book trade-outs.
You can buy a book, read it on your flight, then return
it at your destination airport and get part of your cash
back. Someone else can then obtain that "used" book for a
lower price and the book cycle goes on.

In this technological world, we still need to remember that
none of it would be possible without the printed word.

The author has been a life long reader. She is involved with many reading programs, and enjoys sharing her knowledge of books and reading with other people.

She currently "reads" books that are translated into audio books for people who are visually challeged.

Sophie Ann Rosario is passionate about books and is the webmaster of Find Z Book

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